About Power Hello


About Power Hello

As the owner of Power Hello, I invite you to say HELLO! We strive to help companies, small and large, to say their best HELLO through a customized marketing plan. We offer full-service marketing solutions, including esg communications, marketing, research, content development, video production, publishing, translations, software, hardware, packaging, animation, and interactive counseling services.

We are passionate about sustainability communications. The ESG Circle is our online publication that encourages businesses to lower their carbon footprint and share emissions goals with the community. Join The ESG Circle and show your customers you mean [green] business.

Rachel Bingham, Partner

After more than 11 years in the marketing and advertising industry, Rachel Bingham brings her expertise and knowledge of branding, communications, and digital strategies to help customers say HELLO. She is passionate about sustainability communications for businesses and continuously educates herself on global sustainability practices. She makes sustainability goals both in business and personal life.

Rachel has earned a Masters of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication from The University of Texas at Dallas, and she is ready to help your business say HELLO!

"Your company's HELLO needs to pack a POWERful punch! We help you achieve that through knowledge, experience, and expertise in our field."

RACHEL BINGHAM Partner, Account Management Vice-President, Brand Strategist
Partner, Account Management Vice-President, Brand Strategist


Partner, Account Management
Brand Strategist

Diego Bianco, Partner

Diego is an award-winning professional in the fields of leadership coaching, motivational speaking, talent management, technology, digital signage, corporate marketing and communications, content creation, and sustainability communications (US/global experience).

Diego continually obtains certifications year after year to stay on top of the game and enrich himself with strategic education for talent management, leadership, marketing, technology, intellectual property, and media law.

"Our customized engagement marketing strategies add value to your business by POWERing up your branding and creating meaningful B2B and B2C interactions."

DIEGO BIANCO Partner, Marketing & Consumer Engagement Vice-President
Partner, Marketing


Partner, Marketing & Consumer Engagement Vice-President

Customer Interaction Process

Meet & Discuss Your Hello Plan

Meet & Discuss Your Hello Plan

It’s important to us that your ideas for your company are implemented into our HELLO plan. We will have an initial set-up conversation with you to discuss and determine the focus of our plan for you to say your best “hello”.

Review Ways to Reinforce Your Success

Review Ways to Reinforce Your Success

Our extensive knowledge in full-service marketing services make us a top choice for your company’s goals. We know the ins and outs of all things to make your company step out and say “hello” to the world.

Implement Your Hello Plan

Implement Your Hello Plan

Our team is comprised of top people in our field. We have formed a unit that pieces together marketing expertise, website design, coding knowledge, targeted copywriting, powerful video and animation services, ad strategies, and much more.

Let’s talk about your Power Hello strategy.